Saturday, 15 November 2008

Back Cover Vol. 1: The Killing Moon

Original Version: Echo & The Bunnymen
From the album: Ocean Rain (1984)


The Music Video
Live version from The Tube
More Info about the Song
The Song Meanings

About the Original Version:

Echo & The Bunnymen had lots of magnificent tunes, but this is by all means their best. Right from the acoustic intro to the haunting piano chords and Will Sergeant's congenial guitar strumming. A masterpiece.


Nouvelle Vague "The Killing Moon"
  • When you first hear about the frenchmen in Nouvelle Vague, it seems to be a very gimicky concept for a band since most people roll their eyes at the idea of a cover band releasing a record. But these covers do what the best covers should do: re-interpret songs in a way that brings out something that lies dorment in the original song. They do bossa Nova-versions of great New Wave-classics, and dare to take on one of the most beautiful songs from the 80's New Wave-scene. Echo & The Bunnymens "The Killing Moon". It's different and the vocal is sweet and sexy. I'm sure lots of Bunnymen-fans hate this version with all their heart. But we don't!
From the Album: Bande à part (2006)


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